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Aquatics - Swimming

International Federation: Federation international de Natation (FINA)
Egyptiatn Federation: Egyptian Swimming Federation
Venue: Singapore Sports School
Date: 15 Aug 2010 - 20 Aug 2010
Age Group (dd/mm/yy): dd/mm/yy): 1/1/92-31/12/93(M) 1/1/93-31/12/94(W)
Swimming is one of the most popular sports in Egypt and is widely practiced. It is usually the first sport that parents want their children to learn. In addition to the wide popularity of the sport, Egypt had some top swimmers in the world like Rania Elwany and Abu Heif.


The Best Olympic Achievement
Rania Elwani the most known female in the Egyptian sport filed; had the Egyptian best results in the Olympic 100m freestyle the 50m freestyle in Sydney 2000 after she reached the semifinals in both events.


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