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International Federation: Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG)
Egyptian Federation: Egyptian Gymnastics Federation
Venue: Bishan Sports Hall
Date: 16 Aug 2010 - 25 Aug 2010
Age Group: Rhythmic Gymnastics: 1/1/95-31/12/95
Artistic Gymnastics: 1/1/93-31/12/94(MAG and TR)1/1/95-31/12/95(WAG)
Egyptians are very appreciative of arts and sports, and gymnastics combines both, that’s why it’s one of the popular sports, especially for those who have taste and appreciation for art. Rhythmic gymnastics is all about movement while artistic gymnastics depends on flexibility and strength. The athletes, especially the youth are among the best in Africa, especially this year, since they had won many medals during the African Championships



The Best Olympic Achievement
The last appearance for Egyptians was in Beijing 2008, when Mohamed Soroor came 44th out of 98 in Men’s Individual All-Round Qualification.


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