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International Federation: International Handball Federation (IHF)
Egyptian Federation: Egyptian Handball Federation
Venue: International Convention Centre
Date: 20 Aug 2010 - 25 Aug 2010
Age Group (dd/mm/yy): 1/1/92-31/12/93
The Egyptian Handball Team is one of the Egyptian sports teams that has been strong over the years the Egyptian handball teams always achieve good results in the competitions they have participated in, in all age groups, on the African level and Internationally as well. The most important of these achievements is the 4th place the men’s World Championship in France in 2001.

The best Olympic achievement
Atlanta Olympics, 1996 during what was the golden era of Egyptian handball when it was the African champion. Egypt finished 6th during the Atlanta games, and again in Sydney 2000, it was 7th.


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