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Modern Pentathlon

International Federation: Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM)
Egyptian Federation: Egyptian Federation of Modern Pentathlon
Venue: Singapore Sports School
Date: 21 Aug 2010 - 24 Aug 2010
Age Group (dd/mm/yy): From 1/1/92 to 31/12/93
Modern Pentathlon is a very exciting and popular Olympic sport, in which the pentathletes compete in 5 different Sports; Fencing, Swimming, Horse riding, and the Combined Competition of Shooting and Running. In the Yoouth Olympics only four sports will be
included, the Horse riding will be excluded. In Egypt, Modern Pentathlon is a very successful sport, and its federation is always encouraging new champions at different age groups by giving them the opportunity to compete in most international championships, where they usually achieve high ranks. Hopefully the same achievements will be done this year in Singapore


The Best Olympic Achievement
The best Olympic performance for the Egyptian modern pentathlon was by the superstar Aya Medany, who was finished 8th/36 at Beijing 2008. Aya was a very close from the medals in Beijing, but unfortunately, she didn’t, but she did become the best Arabic pentathletes female of all the time.


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