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About Olympic Center

Welcome to The Sports Olympic Center At Maadi ,Cairo , EGYPT

The Olympic Center for national teams has been opened since 1990, offering services for national teams. (Sports services, Medical services & Accommodations)


The center has been established and provided by the most recent sports facilities and equipments and instruments , in addition to the latest medical equipments according to the international and Olympic standards. 



 Football Field , Air conditioned sport Courts for all sports like Volleyball, Basketball, Boxing ,ext...

Health club for men and women, Sports for Kids from 4 years up to 12 years old like swimming , gymnastics, karate, handball, tennis , ext...
Olympic center services:
1- Training for all national ,Arabic, African,foreign teams and companies, embassies, as well as setting up compititions and tournaments .
2-Accomodation in 4 star hotel
3-Providing outstanding services to the residents of erea surrounding OLympic Center through the sport Academy
(Footbal, Volley ball, basket ball,Hand ball, Gymnastics, karate)
4- Olympic Center has the latest sports equipments
5- Olympic Center has the sport measurements and physiological unit as well as medical unit and labratory.
6- All olympic center`s buildings are air conditioned , with internal broadcast.


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