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Sports Medicine Unit

Sports Medicine Unit

  Olympic center includes sports medicine unit according to the international and Olympic standards

It includes:-


1 – Therapeutic unit

With emergency room provides the emergency services for sports teams & athletes and the guests of Olympic hotel 24h. 7 days/w


The sports medicine specialists offer professional care for different sport injures


Design the suitable conditioning and rehabilitation physiotherapy programs


Offers the proper nutritional and weight reduction advice for athletes


Spread awareness & international anti-doping cod and warning of doping in Sport



 Fitness and rehabilitation unit:--2 

      It is as shown in picture comprehensive Iso kinetic computerized system for 

Rehabilitation and conditioning programs and records the muscular skeletal achievement and progress in healing & injured part

Fitness system works via electronic magnetic cord which is personal for each athlete.


M.E.R.A.C Unit:-                                    -3

It is special muscular skeletal evaluation rehabilitation and conditioning

It is highly specialized in measuring groups & muscles related to joints i.e. knee, ankle, hip, wrist elbow and shoulder



Physio therapy & Rehabilitation unit -4 

The department equipped with the updated physio therapy machines:-

Ultra sound.-1

2- Short waves.

3- Micro waves.

4- L.A.S.E.R (scanner & pointer) .

5- Electrical stimulation with all different electrical Currents and provided with    

 More over the highly qualified physio-therapist's team

Do all Rehabilitation training programs for different injuries


Medical lab. -5

Offers all Medical lab. Investigations and sports performance evaluation analysis under super vision & specialists and consultants.


At the end the sports medicine unit wishes the good health for all visitors of athletes or community and we are glade to receipt any case from community according to our price list.  



  With best wishes

Dr. magdy el.sabagh


Sports medicine unit






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