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Sports Activites


Sports Activities


The Olympic center for national teams has been opened at 1990 offering services for national teams. (Sports services, Medical services & Accommodations)


The center has been established and provided by the most recent sports facilities and equipments and instruments . In addition to the improved medical equipments according to the international and Olympic standards


All the buildings of  the Olympic center are  centrally air conditioned & internally broadcast


The buildings :

 -  Reception, registration & information center

It is directly connected by the main entrance & consists of the registration unit,

Control unit & information unit in addition to meeting visitors.



- Sports Hall No.1 "Air conditioned"

Consists of specialized Sports courts & all the facilities needed



 *Weight lifting training court




Judo, Tai co undo & Karate training court *

 *Table tennis training court



Fencing training court *



Fitness & body building court *


*Lectures court (Established by the most recent equipments & instruments for projecting Sports & Educational Movies



Sauna & Jacuzzi




 *Services units "Changing room"








- Sports hall No.2 "Centrally Air      conditioned"

It consists of a number of training courts used in Different games :

Handball *



 * Badmintons

* Fitness & body building

Lectures court *

 *  Message & sauna

  *Services units

"Changing room"






4- Open feilds                                                         


 Football stadium / Athletics Track

(Established by the most resent artificial floor)

   Threetennis courts

Volleyball opened court



5- Swimming pools


                               Two swimming pools        



(one small for kids & the other is large one Olympic standard 50mx25m)


We will be happy to offer sports services for :

The Egyptian, Arabian & Foreign teams

Sports associations

Educational associations & foundations & Companies

Studies & training courses

Offers all the Sports Activities & Culture facilities for the neighborhoods community

Offers summer sports activities




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